Dr. Bach Flower Topics for Pets

by Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Introductory thoughts

What would our world be without animals! They are the companions of people and they exert almost  un-noticeably their protecting and healing energy on us. Thus it is no accident to which animal one is attracted. Animals also search the closeness of certain people. Sometimes you even get the impression that a cat, dog or parrot has adopted the person instead of the other way round. Pets live in the field of energy that is familiar to us and they feel how we are, what is bothering us. They express it their way and we have to learn to understand their fine signals. Each living being has a soul, no matter whether it is an elephant or a hamster. The soul enables the animal to approach people, to feel and to develop. We not only provide the animals with our affection; we also help them to better understand us humans and to grow beyond the collective animal consciousness. Like any living being, our pets go through development stages, which are occasionally  occompanied by illness, because illness has two sides. On the one hand, an illness reflects a conflict, which calls for a solution. On the other hand, the illness matures the pet and it gains valuable experience. There is no perfect health, but interplay between strengths and weaknesses. In the relationship between humans and animals there is a special factor: The pet senses unresolved conflicts of the human and sometimes it assumes his or her burden to help the person. In this case we talk of so-called projections that show that pet and pet owner have the same illnesses. If the pet owner becomes aware of this fact and resolves the conflict, the illness of his pet disappears as fast as it appeared. Of course, it may also lie in the pet’s personality to become physically or emotionally ill.

If a pet becomes seriously ill, the pet owner should look for a holistic veterinary because the same applies to a pet as to a person: the entire animal is always sick. Therefore the entire animal must be treated and not only its symptoms. Many pet owners have to rethink. Body, psyche and soul are one entity. If the balance of the pet is impaired and particularly if it has a chronic illness, the background is an unresolved conflict. The illness is a cry for help of the body, psyche and soul that something is out of balance; that a deficit, a weakness and a blockage exists. It may differ how this is reflected in the physical appea-rance or in the psychic attitude of the animal. But always all levels are affected. 


For the pet owner it is important to be able to do something when he notices: My animal is sick, it is depressed, inexplicably aggressive, fearful or it mourns somebody. These originally psychological problems may develop into physical problems. Therefore, it is best to learn to understand the first signs and to have help available.

Dr. Bach Flower Topics

The idea to select several items from the Dr. Bach flower therapy is based on the experience that these emotional conditions appear often in pets. It is new to produce a Bach flower blend in globule form for each subject. This makes it possible to take care of even the most sensitive pets if they get into emotional despair. The advantage of the blends is that the individual remedies strengthen each other and thus result in a higher whole. Thus the pet owner in case of anxiety does not have to search for or to have mixed ”flowers against fear” but he has a remedy available in which this subject is available in concentrated form. The idea to assemble Bach flowers and to turn them into a remedy is not new. The inventor, Dr. Edward Bach, did it already. The best known is our blend for emergencies. The superb effect on humans, pets and plants is well known.

Best thing to do?

As a rule of the thumb it can be said: As soon as you have the impression your pet is not doing well try to understand its emotional state. Is it fear, weakness, aggression, laziness or sadness? As first step use the Bach flower remedy that makes sense to you. Always follow your intuition then you understand the mental signals of your pet. If things do not improve within a week, look for a holistic veterinary. It is best to find a vet who is also a animal kinesiologist because he can also work on a psycho-therapeutical level with the animal and show you possibilities for stress reduction.

This remedy is for all emergencies (shock, accident, trauma). It is the most important first aid measure and can be given until the animal has calmed down.

FEAR This remedy is for all cases when the animal is afraid of something (people, hands, animal of the same species, objects) or if it is anxious by nature.

AGGRESSION This remedy is an important aid when an animal shows too much aggression in its behaviour, demonstrates destructive frenzy, permanent crying or viciousness.


WILLINGNESS TO LEARN When an animal has difficulties in understanding and learning to play or sports or in living with humans, this Bach flower mixture helps to overcome the problem.


EXHAUSTION, RECOVERY No matter whether an animal is only recovering slowly, whether it had an operation or whether it is weak by nature this Bach flower blend supports the healing process and life energy.


LOSS, MOURNING If an animal has lost its human partner or its animal partner, it needs help to overcome the grief. This Bach flower remedy provides comfort in this case.

PURIFICATION, DETOXICATION No matter whether healthy or ill, pets need to undergo a cure to restore their vitality. This Bach flower mixture supports this process.

OLD AGE Activates vitality and physical fitness to a great age. Makes your pet feel more secure and reassures it on an everyday basis.


DEVELOPMENT Strengthens the process of growing up, develops the personality of the pet, supports the process of separation from the animal parents.


COMMUNICATION The relation and communication between us and animals enriches our daily life. But respectful distance and independence is necessary.


SEXUAL INSTINCT This blend balances the energy produced by the gonads and therefore the sexual instinct. Your pet can enjoy his male or her female powers gently and harmoniously.