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Biological remedies & food supplement for pets

Good for Pets: Natural Remedies

Natural remedies are in rising demand – especially among pet holders. Alternative treatments for our beloved pets are more and more sought after. Homeopathy and other alternative forms of therapy offer both excellent possibilities of keeping our pets healthy naturally as well as cure the underlying causes of sickness.

Christine Schell (CEO)
Christine Schell (CEO)

Professional: We’re Experts

We have acquired an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of products which are exclusively being used for natural treatments. Over the past decades, we’ve established strong partnerships with veterinarians, pharmacies, therapists, pet owners and pet trade shops.

The visionary Dr. Bertold Schell was one of the first German veterinarians to use homeopathic remedies  in his animal practice. Since the early 60s, he has earned on outstanding and far-reaching reputation.

The family business, founded in 1982, is now successfully run by the second generation and has its headquarters in Rastatt , Southwestern Germany.

We work closely together with reknowned therapists who fully support us in product development.

In this respect, we’d particularly like to mention Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt’s most valuable contributions; she can be regarded as a pioneer in the field of animal kinesiology, Bach Flowers therapy as well as homeopathy.

On the Rise: Private Brands

The recipes are primarily developed for pets according to the German Pharmaceuticals Act which makes them available over-the-counter. This means that you can purchase our product everywhere, both in pharmacies, at veterinary practices as well as at alternative animal practitioners and in pets shops.


We especially focus on the development of private brands. We offer the entire process range to Wholesalers, including:

  • Private Brand Concepts
  • Recipes
  • Individually designed Production Lines
  • Manufacturing and Packaging

We are also capable of producing small quantities for reasonable prices. This makes the introduction of your product to the market easy and efficient.

Effective: Our Product Range

Our range includes over 100 different recipes in the following areas :

  • Homeopathic Complex Remedies
  • Bach Flowers
  • Schuessler Salts
  • Food Supplements for pets

These recipes work gently, reliably, and sustainably, are high-yielding and therefore inexpensive to use.

Once open, the products have a long shelf life. They are also simple and safe to use.

There are no side effects or contraindications reported or to be expected. 


The Technical Side


We continuously improve and expande our competence in regards to the manufacturing of remedies and food supplements. We have automation suitable for pharmaceuticals and modern premises in conformity with the GMP. We also put great emphasis on manual potentiation and a thorough final check of our products by our staff.

Dosage Forms:

Batch Sizes:



Packaging Forms:

Liquid (Dilutions)

Globules (Sugar Granules)


Liquid Products: Minimum Batch 10 kg

Globules: Minimum Batch 2 kg


Brown Glass

10 – 250 ml


Screw Top




Product Information

Folding Box

Values: Our Philosophy

We strive to work according to our ethical principles. We refuse  piecework and mass market production. Our communication channels are short and we react fast and flexibly to our customers’ requirements.

We believe reliable and trusting cooperation to be the key to mutual success.

Our focus is on the well-being of our life companions – be it a rabbit or a pedigree dog. They are important parts of our lives and they deserve our upmost care, even more so if there is a medical issue. 

Gentle but safe – in the true spirit of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of the homeopathic principle.

B2B in our understanding means “Be to Be”, because behind every enterprise there are people with whom we develop relations, who accompany you along the way, who we support and with whom we can have long-term business relations.

But “Be to Be” also means: Live and let live.

This applies to collegial cooperation, fair prices and conditions for local suppliers and impeccable quality at all levels.

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