The topic of naturopathy in general and homeopathy in particular is gaining ever greater importance for the pet sector, too.

Animal owners are now making conscious efforts to seek out alternative treatment methods for their pets - both as regards the choice of veterinarian and what we call selfmedication. Supra-Cell - HOMÖOPATHIE FÜR HEIMTIERE

Veterinary homeopathy offers excellent options here for gentle, cost-effective treatment free from sideeffects. In Germany, preparations for pets such as cage birds, small rodents and carrier pigeons are available over the counter.

SUPRA-CELL GmbH, for over 18 years now a manufacturer of only homeopathic products, has meanwhile made a name for itself in the pet shop and veterinary sector.

Its combination preparations for birds and small rodents can effectively heal a large proportion of the health disorders affecting these animals.


  • SUPRA-CELL products have been developed as a result of veterinary practice and have been in use for over 3 decades 
  • Gentle and sustained healing is achieved without undesired side effects 
  • They are safe and easy to use (through fodder or drinking water) 
  • Safety: Healthy animals suffer no danger if they ingest the products unintentionally 
  • No unfavorable interactions with other additional preparations, e.g. vitamins 
  • No storage risk since products can be stored for years without refrigeration 
  • High yielding, therefore cost-effective 
  • Available over the counter (§ 60 German Drug Law)

We offer the following assortments:

Homeopathy for birds

Homeopathy for rodents

Homeopathy for dogs and cats