Dear bird friends!

This applies to all preparations:

SUPRA-CELL drops are administered through the drinking water or the feed.

According to size, 3-8 drops are calculated to approx. 100 ml of drinking water. 

A stronger concentration is not required. 

The active substances of SUPRA-CELL  are dissolved in 15% ethanol, which the bird finds flavourless in the defined dosage.

The preparations are administered for one to two days or up to several weeks, according to the field of application. There is no effect of habituation!

A healthy bird which takes in drops through the drinking water suffers from no disadvantages whatsoever; the preparation only shows no effect in this case. Therefore it is not necessary to separate healthy birds from those to be treated. 

SUPRA-CELL drops are not perishable even after years. Keep them closed at normal room temperature best in the folding carton. 

Contraindications, side effects and interactions with other preparations are not known of.

You can get SUPRA-CELL drops in 15 ml bottles. 

For further information please ask for our brochure !

Preparations for birds

Name Fields of application

15 ml / Reference No.

SC 10 abnormal laying behaviour 111505
SC 20 moult, feathereating, metabolic disturbances 111525
SC 30 suppurations, head colds, angina 111535
SC 40 injuries, healing of wounds 111545
SC 50 feverish ailments, pneumonia 111555
SC 70 diarrhea 111575
SC 90 prevention of invermination 111595
SC 2000 Strengthening of the immune systeme 441541

All of the 15 ml bottles can be purchased individually or in a complete set.