Dear pet owner!

The range of homeopathic products from Supra-Cell includes preparations for treatment of the locomotor system and the internal organs.

These enable causal treatment which, by means of pain treatment, effects an actual regeneration within the scope of the body’s own possibilities. A selection of these are described in the following:

The preparation SC 101 Coxae is used in the treatment of hip dysplasia and coxarthrosis.

In case of degenerative and inflammatory diseases with pain in the spine and in the adjacent areas as well as rheumatic and neuralgic pain we have SC 104 Vertebra, a combination of Harpagophytum, Kalmia and Fabiana imbricata.

SC 105 Spondylitis is indicated in case of damage to the spinal vertebrae and muscle and joint pain, above all in wet and cold weather.

Finally, SC 109 Fracture is used to improve healing of broken bones, which is sometimes slow after accidents. It contains Arnica montana, which has proven to be one of the best wound healing agents in the homeopathic treasury of remedies.

Other formulations concern areas of internal medicine and dermatology. Examples from this series include:

In allergic conditions in which the triggering agent cannot be found or used for treatment, we recommend SC 113 Allergy, a combination of Arsenum jodatum, Thryallis glauca and Urtica urens whose characteristics are found to a large extent in the clinical picture.

Urinary incontinence is a widespread problem in male dogs and bitches after surgery, but with SC 118 Incontinentia Urinae it can be effectively treated.

SC 136 Nasalis, a combination of Cepa, Galphimia and Luffa promises relief from feline coryza. Cats are also frequent patients presenting the symptom complex “tonsils”. 

SC 149 Tonsilla provides relief from difficulty in swallowing, gingivitis and tonsillitis.


In the case of a series of important indications, we are able, with established homeopathic remedy combinations, to induce what we call “healing”. It is true that in many cases the organism is not able to accomplish a total anatomic restitution, but freedom of symptoms and restoration of a sense of well-being are achieved.