Dear rodent friends!

Even with the very best of care and when keeping your rodent according to the species, he is not always protected from diseases. In this case you will be optimally advised with SUPRA-CELL preparations. Supra-Cell - Lieber Nagerfreund All medicaments with this name have been developed in the veterinary practice for administration by the animal owner. It is homeopathic medicine, which is made of vegetable and / or mineral ground substances and have been prepared according to a special process (potentizing).

Disease can be understood as an emergency order of the organism. The illness manifests the effort to re-establish health. Here we may intervene in a supportive manner by activating the  organism's natural  tendency of self-cure with the help of specially blended medicine. SUPRA-CELL medicaments have a gentle and mild effect, but are very effective, without the unwelcome side effects. They harmonise excellently with additive substances, as e.g. vitamins and are suitable for all rodents.

The combination of 2-3 individual  homeopathic medicaments has a thorough, selective effect on the concerned organ resp. physical dysfunction.

What is important is the correct diagnosis!

In the case of an uncertain diagnosis we advise that you see the veterinary physician. However, attentive animal owners often know quite well what their pet is suffering from. In this case choose a suitable medicament from the opposite list and add a few drops to the daily drinking water or feed.

This applies to all preparations:

SUPRA-CELL drops are administered through the drinking water or the feed.

According to size, 3-8 drops are calculated to approx. 100 ml of drinking water. A stronger concentration is not required.

The active substances of SUPRA-CELL  are dissolved in 15% ethanol, which the rodent finds flavourless in the defined dosage. 

The preparations are administered for one to two days or up to several weeks, according to the field of application. There is no effect of habituation! 


A healthy animal which takes in drops through the drinking water suffers from no disadvantages whatsoever; the preparation only shows no effect in this case. Therefore it is not necessary to separate healthy animals from those to be treated. 


SUPRA-CELL drops are not perishable even after years. Keep them closed at normal room temperature best in the folding carton. 


Contraindications, side effects and interactions with other preparations are not known of. 


You can get  SUPRA-CELL drops in 15 ml bottles.

For further information please ask for our brochure !

Preparations for rodents

Name Fields of application

15 ml / Reference No.

N 200 loss of hair, metabolic disturbances 221525

N 300

inflammations, head colds, suppurations, angina


N 400 injuries, healing of wounds, exhaustion 221545
N 500 feverish ailments, pneumonia 221555
N 700 diarrhea 221575
N 900 cystitis, blood in urine 221595
N 2000 Strengthening of the immune systeme 441541

All of the 15 ml bottles can be purchased individually or in a complete set.